Xi Jinping on work related to religious affairs

  • Work begins on Sinopec’s Shandong LNG project
  • Shandong deepens friendly cooperation ties with Belarus
  • China to accelerate improvement of rural living environment
  • China’s IoT market to top 300 bln USD in 2025
  • China sticks to strict anti-virus policy as Omicron looms globally
  • China-CELAC cooperation to help build community with shared future
  • Overview of Shandong
    As China's big economic province, Shandong is not only the bridge connecting the developed regions of inland China, but also the window opening to the outside world. In the grand blueprint of the Belt and Road initiative, Shandong is located at the heart of global commerce and occupies an important position of the economic hub in East Asia.
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  • Spectacular sunset on lake in China’s Xiong’an New Area

     On April 1, 2017, China announced plans to establish Xiong'an New Area, located about 100 km southwest of Beijing, aiming to build the 1,770-sq-km area into a green city featuring innovation and a national model of high-quality development.

  • Winter scenery of Zhegu lake in Tibet

  • Chinese mainland Olympians make splash in HK show

  • Honesty, integrity shine in Chinese family’s commitment to guarding hero’s cemetery

    Chinese people have had a tradition of living up to their promises since ancient times. As China's famous educator and philosopher Confucius (551-479 B.C.) rightly said -- "faithfulness" is the foundation of being a person, and if he or she is not honest, one will lose the basic conditions for being a human.

  • “Spider men” work for power transmission project in Chongqing

  • Little kumquat makes big contribution to rural economic development

  • Shandong deepens friendly cooperation ties with Belarus

  • Shandong furthers cooperation with Japan, South Korea

  • Shandong promotes construction of Yellow River Estuary National Park

  • Jinan involved in EU-China regional policy cooperation

  • Jining rises as shipping hub

  • Binzhou villagers make a fortune from traditional wickerwork

  • Beijing’s sub-center to embrace high-quality development

  • China’s central bank to issue commemorative banknotes for Beijing Winter Olympics

    The set, which includes a polymer note and a paper note, will be unveiled on Dec. 21, the People's Bank of China said in a statement.

  • China to restage ballet masterpiece “Onegin”

    As a highlight of the fifth China International Ballet Season, the performance by the National Ballet of China will return to the stage of Beijing Tianqiao Theater.

  • New endangered orchid species discovered in China

    Chinese researchers have discovered a new plant species of endangered orchids in some areas of China.

  • Winter scenery of NW China’s Gangjige Mountain

  • Early winter scenery of Basom Lake

  • Futuristic building becomes new landmark in Xiongan New Area

  • UNWTO lists China’s Xidi, Yucun among Best Tourist Villages 2021

  • Centuries-old houses, relics found in China’s Gansu

  • Public artworks form important cultural heritage for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games

  • China issues 5-year plan to boost green development of industrial sectors

    China on Friday released a plan for the green development of its industrial sectors during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025), a step forward in the country's pursuit of low-carbon growth.

  • China to build smarter meteorological system in 5 years

  • China’s sci-tech innovation empowers high-tech development

  • China-LatAm trade sees strong growth despite pandemic headwinds

    At a time when the global economy has been largely disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, China-Latin America trade has managed to buck the declining trend and posted a stellar performance.

  • 5G technology makes China’s power transmission channel smarter, safer

  • Silk Road international art exhibition kicks off in Xi’an

    A total of 120 intangible cultural heritage works and contemporary paintings and sculptures from 14 countries went on show as the Silk Road International Art Exhibition kicked off in Xi'an, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, Wednesday.

  • Adventure of a silver bracelet

    A silver bracelet has made its way across China after traveling from a Miao ethnic town in the southwestern province of Guizhou to northernmost Inner Mongolia.

  • Wild panda filmed gobbling up meat in NW China’s Shaanxi

    Rangers in northwest China's Shaanxi witnessed a wild giant panda gnawing on a piece of bone of a dead takin. Check the video.

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